Fashion In The Kitchen

Hello EC’s,

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The holidays are officially upon us! If you are a planner like myself, you are already done with all your holiday shopping, so YAY us! If you are a procrastinator, may the force be with you, because shopping at this time of the year can be quite a nightmare! 

There are one too many reasons why I am in love with this time of year; it’s the season of giving, joy, love, and family. Something about this time of year just makes everyday joyous and peaceful, and its also nice to have another reason to dress up. I say dress up because the holidays are celebrated at my home every year, meaning my runway is my kitchen! So don’t mind me, I’m just gonna be slaying it in my kitchen, looking fly AF! Just because I’m not going out during the holidays does not mean I am not going to get dressed and dolled up for myself. Who’s with me on that!? 

With the holidays in mind, I made one heck of a purchase on cyber Monday. I purchased two outfits because during the holidays I have two moods when I dress up.  That is casual or glam AF! I like to have options because we all know as much as we can plan an outfit, come the day of the event, we try it on, and then realize we hate it because we just aren’t feeling it that day. So, hence my point, always have a backup…. or two.

The first outfit is casual, simple, and cute.  A button up suede skirt with a rib knit striped t-shirt both from Shein. I paired these two beauties with some black over the knee socks and boots that I already own. This outfit can be so basic, but the over the knee boots are the perfect touch to spice it up and bump it up to a casual look!


The second outfit as you can already see is Glam AF! A wine colored, deep v-neckline satin dress, perfectly paired with a faux fur shawl. The dress itself is already glamorous, but being me, I wanted a more elegant look which is why I just had to add the shawl. The dress was purchased from Shein, and the shawl from Windsor.  This has to be my favorite holiday outfit yet because it’s absolutely glamorous and I honestly feel like I can conquer the word in this outfit and pair of heels!


Wells EC’s, this concludes the topic of ‘Fashion In The Kitchen.’ Remember, just because your staying home to celebrate the holidays does not mean you can not throw on a glamorous outfit! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for comfort at home, but give me a reason to dress up and ill take it! I’ve added the links below to the items similar to the outfits pictured here! Happy Holidays!


Empowered Chic

Single Breasted Suede Skirt

Ribed Knit Striped T-Shirt

Deep V-Neckline Satin Dress-Wine

Nina Knee High Boots