The Nightmare Of Online Shopping For Clothes!

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Who here has nightmares about online shopping for clothes? I know I did!

Many people often ask me how I am certain of what size to pick when online shopping for clothes. The most general question I get asked is “but how do you know it will fit?” Today I will explain to you beauties how I figured out the secret!

Over the course of time, I have become quite familiar with my body measurements. I know my bust, waist, and hip measurements by heart; which are probably the most important measurements when it comes to online shopping. Size range differs at every store but, the key to mastering your size when online shopping is definitely knowing these basics. The majority of the time when you are online shopping for clothes, you will be able to open up what is known as a size chart/guide. They are normally located right below the size option as shown below. This chart will help you determine what size is best fit for you.



Once you memorize these basic measurements you will then go onto the next step of mastering your size! After reviewing the size chart, i then go down to the bottom of the product page to the customer reviews section. Most of the time, you can locate reviews on how the item fit someone else. Customers are generally pretty generous about listing their weight, height, and size they ordered to describe how well the item fit. I will normally look for a few of those reviews and then just compare it to my weight, height, and size. This usually helps me finalize my decision on the size I will chose for myself! So for example, the customer review below indicates they ordered a size small, are 5’4, and weigh 118 pounds. I myself am 5’5 but weigh 135 so in this case, I would get a small because the review indicates the product is long and I’m only an inch taller so if I don’t want it longer I need to stick to the small; I also like my clothes with a tight fit, plus my bust size is on the smaller side so a medium may be too big on the upper part.


In case you want more reassurance that the product will fit or if the product you like does not have customer reviews on sizing, then your third option would be to go to the product description. Product description will usually also have the models size and weight. Not only that, but it will also have a little more information on the product itself, such as, if the material is stretchy, tight, with or without zipper. These things are important because they can also make a difference in what sizing you chose. If the material is stretchy you may be able to get a smaller size, if its tight you have to stick to your size or a size above, and if the product has a zipper then you need to really look at the size chart to confirm you get a size true to your hip/waist measurements.


Well EC’s, this concludes the topic of ‘The Nightmare Of Online Shopping For Clothes.’ I hope this has given you a little insight on how to shop online for clothes! I know many stores offer great deals online, but it can definitely be scary to shop online when you don’t want to go through the guessing game of ‘will it fit or not.’ I am no sizing professional, but these tips that I’ve learned over the course of my shopping history have definitely helped me nail my online shopping! Ive placed many orders for clothing online this past year and have yet to return any of the items. Because sizing can range and differ in every store, I have included some links to some of my favorite stores that have the best size guides, and over all a good amount of reviews on all items. Have a lovely day EC’s, until next time!


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