The Power Of A Cardigan

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Now, many of you may have read the topic and wondered, how does a cardigan have power and what kind of power does it have?

One basic cardigan has so much potential for not one, but many outfits. A cardigan is not only a basic essential, but also very cost friendly. I personally love owning pieces of clothing like cardigans that I can mix and match with different outfits for different occasions.

As you can see, I have created three different outfits for different occasions using just one cardigan.

You have the basic outfit for an everyday look. Wear this simple look on days you want to be comfortable but chic! With this outfit, you’re not overdress or under dressed, you’re what I like to call, dressed just right.

Long Cardigan With Jeans And Bodysuit.

Long Cardigan With Jeans And Bodysuit.

The business casual for a day at the office. Business casual attire is a must for casual Fridays, especially if you know you’ll be heading into the city for the night. No need to take a spare outfit to change after work, you’re already covered!

Long Cardigan With Trousers And Bodysuit.

Long Cardigan With Trousers And Bodysuit.

Last, the casual dressy look for a night out in town or Sunday brunch with your girls. A bodycon dress is the perfect piece to pair with a long cardigan. If you have a neutral colored cardigan, you can basically pair it with any dress, so be sure to find neutral tones!

Long Cardigan With Bodycon Dress

Long Cardigan With Bodycon Dress

Not only is a cardigan perfect for mixing and matching, but its also great for those of you who live in SoCal! The weather in SoCal during fall is bipolar, one day it’s a whopping 90 degrees and the very next day will be a staggering 65 degrees. Dressing for this weather can be quite tricky, which is why for fall, a cardigan is a must in my closet. Cardigans are not too thick or thin, making them the perfect material for this type of weather. If you live somewhere where fall weather is actually a thing, then you can opt for a thicker material in a cardigan.

So, what is the power of a cardigan? It will take your outfits a long way, so if you want to get the most for your buck when purchasing a piece of clothing, go for a cardigan.

Well EC’s, this concludes the topic of ‘The Power Of A Cardigan.’ I’ve linked some cardigans below from some of my favorite stores and others as well that carry cardigans similar to the one on this post! Have a lovely day, until next time!


The Empowered Chic

Juniors Sand Long Cardigan

Ribbed Open-Front Longline Cardigan

Super-Long Open-Front Sweater